Be A Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud Printable

Our kindness chain has been a wonderful addition to our daily routine and work room decor. It has really moved kindness into focus and has improved each of the children’s emotional intelligence — even those who aren’t participating are benefiting from a more peaceful and kind environment.

I wanted to create a poster for our work room that would compliment our kindness chain and inspire us all whenever we saw it — and of course, I wanted to share it with you along with some great ideas for exploring a rainbow theme to help emphasize it’s meaning.

This free inspirational printable would also be a great postcard or as the front of a card — for St. Patrick’s day or whenever someone needs a bit of a boost.

“Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud” is a quote from Maya Angelou. (You can see her discuss the idea here.)

I explained this quote to the kids by asking them first what they thought about rainbows. Everything they shared was beautiful and positive.

I asked them, what would it be like to be a “rainbow” for someone else? Maybe someone who felt sad, or grumpy?

The kids had beautiful ideas and suggestions — how it could make the other person feel loved; how they could smile or do kind things to help someone feel better. I was careful to point out that someone can still feel grumpy no matter how we act and it’s not our fault, but I agreed that we should always choose to act kindly anyways.

Finally, I asked them how they would feel about themselves if they chose to “be a rainbow in someone else’s cloudy day?” They were all so excited by the idea — you could tell that just thinking about being kind and spreading love to another person made the kids proud of their power to be kind.

I showed them the poster that I made for our work room and asked if they would also help make some rainbows for the wall to remind us of our promise to “be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.”

Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud free printable inspirational poster with the famous Maya Angelou quote about kindness

Download your free PDF version of this printable here.

We’ve always loved our rainbow activities and here’s a little round-up of previous ones that we have enjoyed:

Rainbow Activities

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My friend Alyssa also has a cute printable colouring page for grown-ups featuring this quote.

Check out our Rainbow Chain of Kindness and our 6 Tips to Raising Internally Motivated Kids.

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