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A fun Printable Food Label for the Holidays, these free printable labels are perfect for everything from labelling leftovers to wrapping edible gifts.

(The following is a guest post from Donna Thompson, the creator of these printables.)Free Printable Holiday Food Labels - for gifting or storing food prep for the holidays 

Let These Free Printables Ease the Process of Preparing Your Christmas Dinner

Christmas is, for most people, the favorite holiday of the year. It’s the day when you spend quality time with your family and friends. Warm, relaxing atmosphere in the house, the smell of delicious meals, ginger cookies and family storytelling are the things that make every person feel great during these days.

An inevitable part of this holiday is dinner, the main spot of the family gathering. Although preparing Christmas dinner may look like an easy and fun thing to do, it can be very challenging. There are many things that you should plan out: table and house decoration, meals to prepare to please everyone, seating plan and fun activities for before and after dinner to amuse guests.

This can all be stressful and the one thing that can ease your process of preparing food for this important day is meal planning. Planning out the Christmas dinner in advance will save your time and nerves. If you buy all groceries on time you will avoid going out to the store on Christmas day on cold weather, and also, you will have more time for various activities with your family.

These free printables can make the process of preparing food less stressful and more enjoyable. You just need to pick the ones you like, print them out on the adhesive or plain paper and label the boxes with meals. Here is a detailed list of how you can use them during Christmas dinner preparation:

Preparing and freezing food in advance

You can prepare various parts of your dinner, day or two in advance, so when Christmas day comes, you will need less time to prepare a meal. Firstly, you can chop all vegetables that you need, prepare dressings, sauces or even cookie dough and store them in the boxes or bags. Then print out the labels, place them on the boxes or bags and write on them the name of the meal. You can freeze the boxes or put them in the fridge so they will be ready for the Christmas day.


Decorating edible Christmas gifts

Everyone knows that there is no successful holiday dinner without delicious sweets. This year you can even turn your desserts into edible Christmas gifts. After you put sweets in the treat bag simply apply sticker on it and write down a cheerful note. Your guests will be delighted with these edible gifts!


Decorating Christmas table

Christmas stickers can help you add the festive touch to your dinner decoration. Cut the cardboard in the shapes you like, write the name of your guests on the labels and glue them to the surface of the cardboard. And that’s it! You will have colorful name tags for your dinner table decoration in no time.


Labeling the leftovers in the fridge

When dinner is over, you can also label the zip-lock bags and containers with the leftovers from dinner that can be used in the following days. With these stickers, organizing the food in your fridge has never been easier.


Pin these cute Printable Holiday Labels for your future gift-giving or to help with post-holiday food storage:

These Printable Holiday Labels are perfect for homemade gift labels or using in the freezer for holiday meal prep

Download these printables and have joyous Christmas dinner!

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