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Last week as part of the #30daystoMontessori challenge, I challenged you to Get Clear about your intentions with Montessori and set a budget. Today, I’m asking you to get reading!

Suggested Books and Blogs to Inspire and Educate About Montessori - Part of the #30daystoMontessori Challenge

Day 28: Read Montessori

The #30daystoMontessori challenge is almost over, but I want to give you a small challenge to continue after this challenge is done. I want to challenge you to get into the habit of reading Montessori, or about Montessori, regularly.

I’m a big fan of Montessori’s own writings, but they can be hard to read and some of the free translations out there are not the best. This is where Montessori community can be so important – to discuss the concepts that you are reading, and get modern, relevant examples from other Montessori parents and teachers.

Montessori’s Writings:

absorbentdiscovery secrethandbookmethod



Read Montessori's own works or Montessori blogs to educate yourself and stay inspired in the Montessori Method - Part of the #30daystoMontessori Challenge

Montessori Blogs:

Alternatively, maybe you would like to learn more and stay inspired about Montessori by reading blogs. Of course, I would LOVE it if you would follow my blog, and I have also compiled a list of every other active (English-language) Montessori blog I could find.

MONTESSORI blogs list

So, today’s challenge is an on-going one. In addition to getting into Montessori community, get into Montessori reading!


challenge 21: get reading #30daystoMontessori

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