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What is the Montessori Method?

Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician who developed a holistic educational approach, the Montessori Method, that is remarkably in line with modern understandings of neurology and physical development. Children are empowered in a prepared environment to be independent and learn advanced concepts via tangible, hands-on experiences.

Dr. Montessori developed a set curriculum complete with specifically-designed materials, and only these materials (and the lessons approved of and written by Dr. Montessori) are technically “Montessori.”

However, in the century that has elapsed since the Montessori Method was first developed, many parents and educators have adapted Dr. Montessori’s principles to work within a more flexible and modern environment; these adaptations are considered “Montessori-inspired,” but are not necessarily inferior to the works and materials used by Dr. Montessori.

On my website, you will see a mix of both “pure Montessori” and “Montessori-inspired” activities, and I believe the only difference between the two is whether or not they were designed by Dr. Montessori. (There are many websites out there that use either term but their activities are far from the spirit of Montessori, and I think that is key.)

Both sets of activities (Montessori and Montessori-inspired) are useful, provide hands-on learning, foster independence, and are developed to address the child as an independent learner.

So, whether you have a full set of Montessori curriculum materials, or need to only use more modern and readily accessible materials in your learning adventures, there is plenty of inspiration here for you.

If you’re interested in reading more about Dr. Montessori’s philosophies, please check out her books:


In running my home daycare, I have also found some practices from HighScope, Reggio, and Waldorf as well as more specialized approaches like Orton-Gillingham. They are all scattered here with one main goal: to give you effective and whole-child learning ideas, regardless of the label.

Each child is infinitely capable, creative, and intelligent. The job of the teacher is to support these qualities and challenge children in appropriate ways.

My focus is on creative, hands-on learning that supports how children actually learn and process information; there are a lot of “busy work” and flash-memorization activities out there that do not truly allow children to learn on a deep level, and resources that encourage developmentally inappropriate activities. Sugar, Spice and Glitter is not about acceleration, but about educational support and enrichment that feeds a child’s need to learn about the amazing world around them (and supporting the parents, teachers, and caregivers who are helping to facilitate that learning).

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