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Ella gets so excited when I make themed lunch boxes for her, but mornings are always a bit short on time. Today, I’m sharing a fun First Day of School Lunch Box Idea that is quick and easy, no matter how busy your mornings are!

First Day of School Lunch Box Idea

Ever since figuring out how to make Brownies look like Chalkboards, it has been a fun way to quickly decorate and add a theme. They do most of the work for this cute lunch box idea, and making a batch lets you keep the theme going all week long.

Today, I’m sharing all of the details for how to make this cute First Day of School Lunch over on SoFab Food – but if you try it, don’t forget to come back and tell me (or tag me on social media).

You can see the full recipe, including ingredients and step-by-step instructions over at SoFab Food.

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