Easy Spring Flower Craft for Kids

We had a miserable rainy day last week. It wasn’t miserable because of the rain, but the rain did stop us from getting outside and cheering up a bit.

We abandoned all work for the day and declared it a crafts & play day, which you just need every once in a while. I set out this simple fine motor craft and the kids loved it!

This easy spring flower craft for kids is also a fine motor activity -- would be a perfect Mother's Day craft!

This easy Spring flower craft for kids only requires a few supplies and you can really change things up based on what you have on hand.

Materials We Used for Our Spring Flower Craft

Craft supplies for an easy spring flower craft for kids -- a great Mother's Day craft for kids!

I first read Spring Walk by Virginia Brimhall Snow (check out my review here) and then brought out the tray laid out with craft supplies.

I made one pipe cleaner flower with the children, and then left them to it. I loved seeing the variety of flower configurations that they came up with; and they actually went and gathered the ribbon left over from our Fairy Godmother craft to add “bows” to their finished flowers.


Easy flower craft fine motor activity - would be a great Mother's Day craft, or just a cute way to have the kids decorate the house for Spring!

What I love about this Simple Spring Flower Craft for Kids

1. Children need to be precise and gentle yet firm when working with their materials.

If they are too rough, they will rip the cupcake liners, but if they are not firm (and confident), they won’t be able to penetrate the pipe cleaner through the liner’s paper.


2. By using “non craft materials” they were encouraged to rethink how they perceived a simple cupcake liner (object fixedness).


3. The children engaged their fine motor muscles in a variety of ways:

  • lacing beads onto the pipe cleaners
  • poking the pipe cleaners through the liner
  • tying knots or bows with the ribbons


4. It was an open-ended craft while having a common theme so we were able to combine all of these beautiful and unique flowers in one vase at the end to make a beautiful display of how individual efforts within a group can make a big impact.

This spring flower craft for kids is also a fine motor activity -- would be a perfect kid-made gift for Mother's Day!

Next time, I think I’ll add scissors to the mix so that the children can alter their cupcake liners to have different shapes or to make “petals,” but I’m glad I didn’t include them this time so the focus was really on the fine motor skills of lacing, poking the pipe cleaner through the liners, and tying knots.

I hope you liked this simple & easy Spring flower craft for kids — make sure to pin for later, and if you’d like to see more, check out our Spring Learning and Crafts pages.

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