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I love easy, healthy lunch box ideas that are also fun for kids.

After making doll-sized donuts out of Cheerios for our “d is for donuts” day, I wanted to surprise the kids by making a healthy donut-inspired lunch!

Healthy Lunch Box Idea for a Donut-inspired lunch. Includes a free lunch box note printable following the donut theme!

This is a simple but still cute lunch box idea that can be ready in less than a couple minutes. Depending on what you use for a spread, it can cover 1 serving of fruit, 1 serving of protein, and 2 servings of grains, along with whatever other foods you pack in your child’s lunch box.

I didn’t want to dig out the circle cookie cutters (all the way on top of the cupboards) so I improvised and used a measuring cup and an icing coupler – you could alternatively use a bowl, or a cup. Just two circle shapes – one big and one small – that can make an imprint deep enough that you can just poke the circle of bread out afterward.

Materials Needed for Donut Themed Lunch Box:


Kitchen Tools:

  • 2 Circle Cookie Cutters or a Donut Cutter (large and small)
  • Knife

Feel free to also grab this free printable lunch box note and fill it out with a silly message for your child:

Free lunchbox printable to go along with a healthy donut-themed lunch box for kids

This silly donut-inspired lunch is a fun way to give your child a special treat without filling them full of sugar with a real donut, and I love how the Cheerios echo the circular shape of the donuts.

It would be a great lunch to make if you were learning the letter sound “D” – like we did for our “d is for donuts” day – or if your child enjoyed reading “If You Give a Dog a Donut.”

Healthy lunch box idea for a donut-themed lunch - include a donut-inspired sandwich and fun snacks, and a free lunch box note printable in the donut theme!

Would your kids like this simple and healthy lunch box idea for a donut-themed lunch?

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  1. Hi, wonderful recipe, i feel like just having it by looking at it. will definitely try it by myself. This will be one of the best lunch recipe which i am going to follow it by my own.

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