Cute & Cheerful Pour-over Coffee Station


How to make the perfect pour-over coffee – and a cute and cheerful pour-over coffee station.

How to make the perfect pour-over coffee with your own DIY pour-over coffee station

I’ve recently been converted to the pour-over coffee.

It’s been the perfect solution to my desire for single-serve coffee without causing excess waste (and not worrying about those machines that can build up bacteria because they can’t ever be fully cleaned). I still have my large 12-pot coffee maker for when I have guests, but the pour-over coffee is perfect for when it’s just me (and stops me from going back for cup after cup, even when I make the smallest pot allowed with my coffee maker).

I limit myself to two coffees a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and for that afternoon cup, I prefer a mocha or something with a bit of sweetness. Pour-overs can be a little less strong than traditional brewed coffee so they are perfect for “doctoring up.”

Today, I’m going to share with you how to set up your own pour-over coffee station and how to to make the perfect pour-over coffee!

pour-over coffee station (1)

How to Set up a Pour-over Coffee Station

I decided I wanted my station to be fully removable – so I can replace it with my larger coffee maker when I have guests, but also so I can use the tray to serve coffee to guests or bring everything outside with me.

I started by customizing a cute handled tray I found on clearance by lining it with a trimmed, embroidered placemat.

diy lined tray

I simply cut along the embroidered edge until the mat fit perfectly in the tray, and then added a small line of hot glue to seal the edge (although it really didn’t need it). I decided to not attach the mat to the tray with adhesive for easy clean-up.

I like how the mat adds a bit of interest but also prevents any drops of water from coming in contact with the tray and potentially rusting it out. It also helps to reduce noise when I’m making coffee while the kids are sleeping.

I then added all of the necessary materials to make the perfect pour over coffee:

  • pour-over coffee karafe
  • #2 paper filters (there are fabric ones available, too)
  • coffee scoop (tablespoon)
  • freshly ground coffee beans
  • whole coffee beans

I also have a small French press that can be used similarly to a pour-over coffee, and that’s better for when I just have one or two guests for coffee.


How to Make the Perfect Pour Over Coffee

Start by boiling 1 1/4 cups of water. (Can use kettle, pot, etc.)

how to make pour-over coffee

You’re going to want the freshest coffee, so whenever possible I like to freshly grind my beans right while the water is boiling.

how to make pour-over coffee (1)

Line your pour-over coffee cone with a paper filter, and fill with 2 Tablespoons of fresh coffee grinds.

how to make pour-over coffee (2)

Pour 1 cup of boiling water directly over the coffee grinds and allow to drip completely.

Add cream, milk, sugar or other sweeteners as desired.
diy pour over coffee station (1)

Pour-over coffees are perfect if you want a single cup of light coffee to start your day – or keep you going in the afternoon.

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  1. I love using a French Press to brew hot coffee, and I make a cold brew, too. One thing I haven’t tried is pour-over; putting it on my list. It looks so much easier than I thought it would be! And I bet adding the Simply Pure makes it even more delicious. #client

    1. It absolutely is super-easy, and I was intimidated before trying it before (hipsters have that effect on people) but it’s now my way of limiting caffeine consumption – if I make a pot I keep going back for more!

  2. I love this idea and need to know where to find the red pour into thing. I have never seen one of these, not familiar with it at all. Love my french vanilla coffee. One in the morning good to go. Can’t wait to set this cute little coffee station up and try it out. c

  3. Try a Williams and Sanoma store. They will have good ones as well as the French press. The pour overs have been around for some time, but have greatly improved so they are not so messy to use.
    Bed Bath and Beyound, I believe may carry them. ☕️

    1. You’re so right! I have a friend who is committed to buying everything vintage and her pour-over always seems to pucker and throw out some of the water. Mine is much easier 😉

  4. I have used a Melitta ceramic pour over since I lived in Germany in 1966-67. It makes the perfect cup every time.

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