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We are currently obsessed with Disney’s The Lion King, so I couldn’t help but incorporate the Circle of Life into our yoga practice.

When I was designing this Circle of Life Yoga Sequence, I wanted to do a good combination of animal poses and sun salutations to capture the power and essence of the song.

the circle of life yoga sequence for kids - disney preschool learning


There are quite a few sun salutation-triange pose sequences that can be substituted for a gentle circle action with the upper body. Feel free to customize this sequence to your child’s capabilities and comfort levels.

Before doing the full series along with the song, go through each pose with your child and explain to them what their focus should be. Always with yoga, encourage your child to be aware of their breath. Inhale deeply through the nose, and exhale deeply through the mouth. Know your child and their capabilities, and exercise your judgement in choosing the best poses and sequences for your child.


Sun Salutation

(Above.) Arms straight up in the air, head titled to look up through their hands. This is a big stretching pose, imagine you are trying to reach up and hug the sun.

triangle pose

Triangle Pose

Use your arms for balance. Move your legs shoulder-width apart. Keep one arm pointed up at the sky and reach one down to the ground as you bend at the hip. Look up at the hand reaching up to the sky.

giraffe pose (other side) (1)

Rag Doll

Slowly roll your body down and hang loose like a rag doll. Gently let your fingers stretch towards the ground and feel the gentle stretch of gravity through your back.

frog pose

Frog Pose

Touch your hands on the floor, squat down and balance on your toes. Feel free to stick your tongue out like a frog!

giraffe pose

Giraffe Pose

Kneeling on the ground, put both hands out in front of you (like table pose – body squarely over your knees and hands, back flat) and reach one hand up to the sky, turning your body at the waist to look up past that hand.

lion pose

Lion Pose

Kneel, with your bum on your heels and your hands on your knees, lean forward and roar!



We made this Circle of Life Yoga Sequence video to walk you through the song and sequence, but here are the times for the sequences:

0:00 sun salutation

0:30 triangle pose

0:45 sun salutation

0:55 triangle pose on other side

1:10 sun salutation

1:20 rag doll, rolling down slowly

1:35 frog pose

1:50 lion pose

2:05 giraffe pose

2:20 giraffe pose other side

2:35 lion pose

2:50 frog pose

3:05 rag doll, rolling up slowly

3:20 sun salutation

3:30 triangle pose

3:40 sun salutation

3:50 triangle pose on the other side

4:10 sun salutation – hold it until you feel ready to release


I hope you enjoy our foray into Youtube and sharing our yoga sequences — please share if you’d like to see more of these, or if you have suggestions for videos you’d like to see!

We have tons of other kids’ yoga sequences – to start, check out Mr Sun Yoga for Kids or Space Yoga for Kids.

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  1. this is so nice!! I wanna ask you how old is your daughter here – do you think it is appropriate to do yoga with toddler – have them do it too? I am an ECE student – and I am wondering if yoga would be Developmentally inappropriate for toddlers.
    Can you give me any tips or suggestions?

    1. Hi Sana,
      She was 3 in these pictures 🙂 Looks like such a baby!
      I think approaching it as a fun “stretching” activity that encourages children to follow directions, be aware of their body movements, and develop gross motor coordination is definitely developmentally appropriate. Expecting them to do the poses “properly” would be developmentally inappropriate to me.
      Let me know how it goes!

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