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There is a Cinnamon Heart tea that I used to love, but I found after about a month of storage, the tea developed a slightly unpleasant aftertaste. Since my homemade chai tea recipe is my go-to, I never ended up finishing the whole container of the Cinnamon Heart tea before it started to go slightly sour.

So, I set out to recreate that wonderful flavour profile, without any of the aftertaste, and with a longer shelf life.

This Cinnamon Heart Tea can be stored for months and would make a wonderful gift! (For yourself or someone else!)

I thought this recipe would be a bit harder to develop, but it was ridiculously straightforward – so I came up with two variations.

The first recipe uses cinnamon heart candies, and is probably easiest to make around Valentine’s Day. This tea has a slightly red hue and just a touch of heat and cinnamon underlying the mellow black tea flavour.

For every 2 Tablespoons of black tea, add 5 crushed cinnamon heart candies.

If you are making a mason jar full of cinnamon heart tea, add 40 crushed candies to 1 cup of black tea.

The second recipe uses pieces of cinnamon stick and some sweet heart-shaped sprinkles to achieve a slightly more earthy flavour profile.

For every 2 Tablespoons of black tea, add about 1/2 inch of a cinnamon stick, crushed up. If making a full jar, add one full stick, crushed up, to one cup of black tea.



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