Brown Stair Alternatives and DIYs

Before we consider what can be used as an alternative to the Montessori Brown Stair, we need to understand it’s use and importance (as discussed in my lesson for the Brown Stair).

Montessori Brown Stair DIYs and Alternatives - part of a series on Montessori DIYs on Sugar, Spice and Glitter

The Brown Stair (Broad Stair) intends to teach the child about changes in two out of three dimensions, acting as a transition from the Pink Tower (which displays changes in 3 dimensions) and the Red Rods (which displays changes in 1 dimension). To put it more simply, the Brown Stair differs in height and width with every block (“stair”) by the exact same amount (1 centimeter each way).

The height and width of the Brown Stair matches the height and width of the Pink Tower, allowing the two materials to be used together to create interesting and thought-provoking extensions.

DIY Brown Stairs:

  • Making Montessori Ours wrote the quintessential DIY Brown Stair post
  • Smaller plasticine or clay “brown stairs”
  • Lego brown stairs: Cut down some Lego base plates to do this — if you bought this bulk pack, you would only need to use 4 of the base plates and attach enough bricks (or you could use only base plates and leave your bricks alone by gluing several layers of the base plates together). Make sure to glue your Lego’s in place to prevent your Lego brown stairs from being dissassembled.

Alternatives to the Brown Stairs:


What other suggestions do you have for alternatives or DIYs for the Brown Stairs? Let’s make this an awesome resource!


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