48 Luscious Lentil Recipes


I love lentils. They are an amazingly versatile ingredient in many of our easy healthy recipes, and they are a great source of protein if you have picky eaters or following a vegetarian diet.

I’m excited to share this collection of 48 delicious lentil recipes for you to sink you to sink your teeth into!

48 Easy Healthy Recipes for Lentils. Everything from lentil breakfast recipes to lentil desserts. Vegetarian meals that even a carnivore would love.

Today, I’ve collected lentil recipes for everything from easy healthy breakfasts to delicious desserts, and everything in between. You will find lentils hidden in recipes for a protein punch, and recipes where lentils are the star.

The lentils featured most prominently in these recipes are red lentils and French lentils – red lentils are better for blending and incorporating into other dishes, while French lentils are great for a filling main.

9 lentil breakfast recipes - part of a collection of 48 easy healthy lentil recipes. Lentil breakfast ideas like lentil waffles will blow your mind!

Lentil Breakfast Recipes

Lentil & Quinoa Breakfast Patties from Yum Universe (pictured)

Irish Soda Bread from Lentils.ca

Red Lentil Waffles with Rosemary Pomegranate Syrup from Eat Thrive Glow (pictured)

Apples & Spice Breakfast Lentils from Go Dairy Free (pictured)

Red Lentil & Chia Porridge with Toasted Almonds & Goji Berries from Lentils.ca

Lentil Pancakes with Berries from Food.com

Banana Lentil Muffins from Lentils.ca

Lentils with Poached Egg and Paprika Yogurt from Kellies Food to Glow (pictured)

Muesli Lentil Breakfast Strata from Lentils.ca

(For more healthy breakfast ideas, check out my list of 80 Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes.)

15 Delicious Lentil Dessert recipes as part of a collection of Lentil recipes for every meal - from lentil waffles to lentil stews to lentil cakes. Lentils are a great collection

Lentil Snack & Dessert Recipes

5-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies from For the Family

Sprouted Lentil Hummus from Vicariously Vintage (pictured)

Royal Almond & Lentil Fudge from Foodista (pictured)

Spiced Apple & Lentil Skillet Cake from Lentils.ca

Chocolate Lentil Brownies from Just a Pinch

Double Chocolate Lentil Cupcakes from Lentils.ca

Beach Bum Lentil Trail Mix from Healthful Pursuit (pictured)

Lentil Chocolate Chip Cookies (pictured)

Lentils & Sweet Potato Tartlets from Lentils.ca

(The pictured Crunchy Garlic Lentil Snack from Food Fitness Fresh Air is no longer live, so check out these crunchy Chickpeas instead)

Lentil Granola Bars from Lentils.ca

Crunchy Roasted Lentils from Edible Perspective (I love the sound of the Cinnamon version)

Lentil Fudge Pie from Pulse (pictured)

Creamy Avocado Kale & Lentil Dip from Lentils.ca

Cajun Lentil Trail Mix from Lentils.ca

48 Easy Healthy Recipes for Lentils. Everything from lentil breakfast recipes to lentil desserts. Vegetarian meals that even a carnivore would love.

Lentil Supper Recipes (or Lunch)

Vegetarian Lentil Stew from Dominican Cooking, with pumpkin and potatoes flavour and texture

One Pot Coconut Curry Red Lentil Bowl with Kale and Chickpeas from Happy Healthy Mama (pictured) – or check out her Italian-style lentil soup!

Crockpot Lentil Tacos from Crystal and Comp.

Lentil Stew Recipe that can be served as a proper stew, or as a vegetarian sloppy joe (pictured)

Lentil and Mushroom Meatballs from Cookie and Kate (pictured)

Red Lentil Soup with Chicken and Turnips from Pink When (pictured)

Lentil Burgers from Happy Healthy Mama (pictured)

Lobster Lentil Argula Salad from Lentils.ca

Lemony Lentil Salad from Happy Healthy Mama

Moroccan Lentil Salad from Recipe 4 Living

Red Curry Lentils from Pinch of Yum (pictured)

Lentil Black Bean Soup with Smoked Paprika from Cooking Canuck (pictured)

Spicy Lentil Samosas from Eat Healthy Eat Happy (pictured)

Honey Baked Lentils from Recipe 4 Living

Thai Curry Lentil & Sweet Potato Soup from Sweet Peas & Saffron

Lentil & Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie from One Ingredient Chef

Carrot and Lentil Dip from Recipe 4 Living

Lentil Wheat Sandwich Bread from Vegan Richa (pictured)

Curried Lentil Soup from Recipe 4 Living

Lentil Mac and Cheese (pictured)

Easy Lentil Cassoulet from Lentils.ca

Slow Cooker Lentil & Cabbage Soup from Recipe 4 Living

Lentil & Chestnut Soup from Recipe 4 Living

48 Easy Healthy Recipes for Lentils. Everything from lentil breakfast recipes to lentil desserts. Vegetarian meals that even a carnivore would love.

I hope you liked this collection of delicious lentil recipes for every meal! For more easy healthy recipes, check out our recipe index, or consider subscribing to my free newsletter for more recipes, kids’ activities, and parenting inspiration:


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