Vanilla Cinnamon Rice


We probably have rice at least once a week, so sometimes it’s nice to switch things up and have a naturally flavoured rice.

Most flavoured rices contain lots of preservatives and artificial flavours, so we try to do the flavour infusing at home. Today, I’ll share with you my easy healthy recipe for Vanilla Cinnamon Rice.

Easy Healthy Recipe for Vanilla Cinnamon Rice - a perfect side dish for everything from spicy meals to simple, quick meals

I spent a good portion of my childhood in China, so while I know how to cook rice properly in a pot, I will be completely honest in that I usually opt for a rice cooker. (I’ve even taught the kids how to use the rice cooker.)

To add flavour, I simply add a bit of extra liquid along with my aromatics (the ingredients I am using for the flavouring) and mix it with the rice before adding it to the rice cooker. (If that’s not an option, you can add the rice and flavoured water in layers, so that you’re not dumping all of the flavours ontop of the rice, and leaving the rice at the bottom of the pot without flavour.

Easy healthy recipe for homemade flavoured rice: naturally flavoured rice with cinnamon vanilla, the perfect easy side dish

Vanilla Cinnamon Rice makes a great accompaniment for so many dishes, as the flavour is slightly sweet and fresh without being overpowering.

I’ve paired it with everything from a spicy curry to a roast chicken. I especially love it with our 15-minute Apple, Chicken and Mushroom Curry, as the cinnamon and vanilla work really well with the mushroom and apple flavours.

Easy healthy recipe for homemade flavoured rice: naturally flavoured rice with cinnamon vanilla, the perfect easy side dish

This recipe will make 2 cups of rice, but you can double it easily. I’ve always made my rice fresh (originally due to the possibility of Bacillus cereus, a type of bacteria common in rice, and now mostly because the texture and moisture of reheated rice is not appeitizing) and because the rice cooker is so convenient, I would prefer to make a fresh batch whenever I needed it rather than make extra for plan-overs when it comes to rice.

Vanilla Cinnamon Rice



  1. Mix the water, vanilla, cinnamon and salt together.
  2. Pour over the rice and stir so that the vanilla and cinnamon can reach all pieces of the rice.
  3. Add the wet rice mixture (and extra water) to the rice cooker and cook as directed according to your rice cooker's directions.
  4. Serve hot.

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