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Unit studies can be a great way to get started with curriculum planning and engaging children in learning. Finding an interest that the children have and weaving that into the learning – or using their interests as a springboard for learning are where the best unit studies start.

We tend to go between two extremes — mini-units such as those in our sss is for sounds series, and long-term projects which are basically organically-developed unit studies that explore many nooks and crannies of a given topic over a decent period of time. The children and I enjoy both and they both have their place in our particular hybrid of Montessori & Reggio learning.

Many Montessori teachers and homeschoolers never utilize unit studies, and instead stick to the standard Montessori curriculum. Using unit studies is a very personal decision and you will come to decide if you either love them or hate them! (Obviously, I’m the former!)

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I also pin great unit studies, or ideas to include in unit studies, to my Unit Studies pinboard if you’d like to follow it.

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Unit Studies

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