Montessori Primary Geography Checklist


Today, we’re not just sharing our Montessori Primary Geography checklist – we’re also sharing links to each and every Primary Geography activity listed in case you don’t have access to albums and want to work your way through the checklist with your children.

Montessori Primary Geography Checklist - every lesson you need to do for Homeschooling Montessori Geography

In the Montessori Method, Geography is grouped under the Montessori Cultural Curriculum which also includes botany, zoology, history, and science.

Geography itself isn’t limited to just physical geography – it’s cultural, environmental (where it meets up with botany and zoology) and also includes children’s first concepts of space.

Montessori Primary Geography Checklist

I want to start this post by assuring you that you really don’t need the entire set of Montessori Geography curriculum to reap the benefits of the Geography curriculum. In fact, I have the entire set of Montessori Geography curriculum and about half of it has never seen use beyond my own teachings/demonstrations.

If you’re debating where to spend your money, check out my Geography materials review and pick the materials that work best for you. I think a regular globe, some homemade continent boxes, and a good quality book that teaches children about other cultures (like this one) is all you really need to get started – everything else is bonus.

Download our Primary Geography checklist by clicking here.


Montessori Geography Checklist for Primary Montessori Homeschool


All Montessori Primary Geography Lessons

Introduction to Concrete Geography Objects

Introduction to Abstract Geography (with pictures)

Making Your Own Map | Finally In First

Learning Directions

Land, Water, Air Object Tray

Land, Water, Air Pictures

Land, Water Air Transportation

Land, Water Air Animals | Pinay Preschooler

Nature Table

Introduction to the Sandpaper Globe

Introduction to the Continent Globe

Make Your Own Globe

Continent Cards

Continent Folders or Boxes

Continent Puzzle Maps

Land & Water Forms

Make Your Own Water Forms

Flags of the World

Pin Map

Tracing Map (with Continent Puzzle)

Pin-Punch Map

North American Culture Study

South American Culture Study | Counting Coconuts

European Culture Study | Counting Coconuts

Asian Culture Study | Counting Coconuts

Australian Culture Study (sharing our continent box for this)

Africa Culture Study | Counting Coconuts

Antartica Culture Study (optional) | Counting Coconuts

Studying Own Country (search our Montessori search engine below to see if there are examples for your own)

Studying Own State/Province (search our Montessori search engine below)

Studying Own City

Terrestrial Habitats (desert, grasslands, forests, rainforests)

Fresh Water Habitats (Beaches, bogs, lakes, ponds, etc)

Marine Habitats (deep ocean, reefs, etc)

Make a miniature habitat or terranium


If there are any lessons that you are searching for but don’t see here – or you’d like to find different interpretations of the lessons, try searching our Montessori Blog Search Engine:


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