How to Make Roasted Tomatoes


In the summer, it’s much more affordable to make homemade roasted tomatoes rather than buy the expensive canned versions. Plus, you get to know where your produce is coming from and avoid any preservatives.

Here is an easy healthy recipe for homemade roasted tomatoes.
How to make roasted tomatoes quickly and easily. Homemade roasted tomatoes are a delicious addition to so many meals, and take practically no effort

Roasted tomatoes are a great addition to homemade pasta sauces, pizza, or casseroles – like our California Breakfast Casserole. They have a nicer, softer consistency than raw tomatoes, and impart a sweeter taste.

How to Roast Tomatoes

Preheat oven to 350F for slow roasted tomatoes, or broil if you want charred skin.

Drizzle olive oil (or coconut oil) over top of whole tomatoes. If your tomatoes are still on the vine, I like to leave them on in case you want to use a couple for a dramatic garnish.

Season well — salt and pepper if you’re not quite sure which recipe you’ll add them to, or add a bit of the seasoning for your recipe. (Possibly basil for a pizza, rosemary or tarragon for our tomato chicken recipe, etc.)

Bake for 10-20 minutes in the oven – a longer time will result in a sweeter tomato flavour, and if set to broil, you’ll get closer to that smoky, charred end result.

You can quickly skin the hot tomatoes as they come out of the oven, or leave them on. Some people find the skins bitter, but it’s mostly a texture preference.

Easy healthy recipe for homemade roasted tomatoes - a delicious addition to your family meals!

What are your favourite recipes to incorporate roasted tomatoes in?

What easy healthy recipes for homemade pantry staples would you like me to experiment with next?

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