Your Final Challenge #30daystoMontessori

Today’s the final day in the #30daystoMontessori challenge, but you can revisit and restart this challenge anytime that you feel like you might need a reset, and I hope to revisit this challenge in some capacity every year.

Today’s final challenge is: Take Care and Make Time for You.

Your Final Challenge for #30DaystoMontessori - Take a moment for yourself, every day, starting today.

It is so easy as parents (and teachers) to put ourselves last, let alone as parents who decide to go above and beyond the required bits of parenting to include an approach like Montessori into their homes.

As much as we might accept that we should make time for our own interests and indulge in self-care, very few of us ever actually stop doing things for others long enough to actually do that! I recently had a friend introduce me as a published poet to another person and I felt my face flush, as I haven’t written a single poem since becoming a mom. That accomplishment and part of myself felt so distant. Last summer was the last time I even read poetry!

Sustaining the inner life allows us to be more fulfilled and happy as a whole person, in turn becoming more vibrant and capable of giving more to our children. It seems counterproductive, but giving to ourselves creates a deeper well of emotional, intellectual, and creative reserves to draw upon throughout the rest of our day.

Your Final Challenge of the #30daystoMontessori Challenge - take a moment for yourself

I’m purposely keeping this post short and sweet, so you can hopefully get started on your moment to yourself.

Challenge #22 in the #30daystoMontessori challenge

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