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There is nothing more amazing in the morning than the smell of that first cup of coffee- so why wait until after your shower to indulge? This Homemade Coffee Sugar Scrub helps get your blood pumping in the morning and wakes up your senses in a delightful way. (And it pairs deliciously with our Lemon Poppy Seed Sugar Scrub, too!)

This amazing homemade coffee sugar scrub is a gorgeous homemade gift and a great way to get energized in the morning and will leave you with silky smooth skin!

After Ella was born, I used to actually rub coffee grinds into my thighs to help with the cellulite. The caffeine serves as a stimulant to bring blood flow to the area, which can help drain the lymphatic system and at least improve the appearance of cellulite, temporarily.

While I don’t think this scrub is going to erase my cellulite, it definitely gives me a jolt of energy when I use it. Simply scoop a small amount into your hands and rub in a circular motion over your wet skin. Rinse completely and admire your silky, smooth skin.

This Coffee Sugar Scrub also makes a great homemade gift – package sweetly in a mason jar and attach a homemade tag.

How to make homemade coffee sugar scrub

How to Make a Coffee Sugar Scrub

First, gather your ingredients:

The Vitamin E or Almond oils are great if you plan to use your scrub primarily for your hands as they give this scrub an extra moisturizing and skin restoring boost, but you’ll still come up with a delicious and effective sugar scrub without them.

Simply mix all of the ingredients together, and adjust the coffee, vanilla, or coconut oil slightly to achieve the scent and texture that you desire. You don’t want a gloopy texture and also be sure not to pack the sugar scrub too tightly into the mason jar or container – you don’t want to have to carve out your sugar scrub in the morning!

How sweet is this simple, homemade coffee sugar scrub?

What are your favourite morning pick-me-ups?


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