10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles for Foodie Families


After sharing our Top 10 Things to do in Los Angeles with Kids, of course I had to share our top 10 Kid Friendly Restaurants in LA.

Top 10 LA Restaurants for Foodie Families. A must-read before while doing any Los Angeles Family Vacation Planning

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles for Foodie Families

When you’re hungry in the City of Angels, the number of choices can be seriously overwhelming.  Coupled with the traffic, even the most patient of kiddos and parents can end up hangry – in need of a delicious meal to rejuvenate for more LA adventures. (Check out our top 10 LA things to do with kids here.)

Now, for lunch or supper, I’d be remiss to neglect one of the best fast food burgers you’ll ever taste – and though it’s not strictly LA, there’s only a few spots to grab an In N’Out burger outside of California. Order it animal-style and grab lots of napkins.

Here are my picks of 10 great options for any time of day!

Prime Pizza:  Pizza is always a great option for family meals, especially when traveling.  Add that ease and convenience to handmade dough, California tomatoes, and Wisconsin cheese, and you have a slam dunk dinner.  Load up the toppings at one of two locations.

Dino’s Chicken and Burgers: Sometimes you just need some classic options you can always count on when out-of-town.  Since, 1968, Dino’s has been offering LA residents just that, and with five locations you can get in on the secret.

Animal: Open for lunch and stunning dinners, Animal offers foodie food at surprisingly reasonable prices.  The minimalist décor allows you to focus on your dining companions and dishes that bring the diverse flavors of LA to life – from classics, stunning seafood, and more.

Bestia:  A husband/wife duo is the driving force behind Bestia – one crafting rustic Italian dishes and the other investing creative desserts based on fresh local ingredients.  Offerings are authentic, inventive, yet somehow familiar.  Choose from pasta, pizzas, and hearty meat-based dishes.  Don’t forget to pair a signature cocktail or hand selected wine with your meal. 

Wat Dong Moon Lek Noodle:  Whether your family frequents Pad Thai or not, you’ll find the offerings at Wat Dong both funky and authentic.  Each pad thai comes with a blanket of egg on top, much like you’d see offered in Thailand.  If you or someone in your party isn’t in love with that much egg, options with glass noodles give you a spicy kick.  Coupled with amusing décor and a friendly atmosphere, you might come be back here more than once on your trip.

Maude: Curtis Stone fans will want to be sure to add Maude, his recently “reinvented” restaurant that continues to be a favorite.  Inspired by Stone and the other chef’s worldwide travels, Maude features the cuisine of a specific region of the world quarterly – no matter when you visit, you’re sure to be treated to a culinary masterpiece.

Hache LA: A casual restaurant, Hache is dedicated to mouthwatering burgers for every preference, including three different vegetarian variations on any burger.  Pair your burger with frozen custard, an array of homemade drinks or your choice of craft beer and the entire family will be satisfied.  Order online, and it will be ready when you get through the bristling LA traffic.

Panini Kabob Grill: Mediterranean food comes alive with fresh and carefully created ingredients at surprisingly affordable prices.  A kids’ menu, espresso bar, plentiful locations, and online ordering are just some of the other amenities that will hook you on these delicious offerings.

Uovo: Don’t let the unusual name throw you, the Italian food offered at Uovo is second to none.  They boast fresh pasta that is handmade in their own kitchen in Bologna, Italy.  These noodles are the foundation of all the dishes they offer – each choice is straight-forward without too much fluff and offered at reasonable prices.  Whichever you choose, don’t forget to share!

Blu Jam:  Looking for brunch, or maybe just breakfast at any time of day?  Blu Jam has you covered.  Known for their amazing and unique French toast, you’ll want an order for the entire table to share, even if something else on the menu calls to you more.   Regardless, every ingredient is fresh, never frozen, and selected to be as free from artificial as you can find.

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Heading to LA with kids? You need to check out these top 10 LA Restaurants for families. They are all welcoming to kids and have serious foodie cred

Do you have any favorite LA restaurants that I didn’t include in my list?

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