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We have some gorgeous homemade Princess dress tutorials coming up, but first I wanted to share a quick round-up of Superhero costumes for Girls & Boys we’ve found on Amazon.

Affordable and cute superhero costumes for girls and boys - because girls can be superheroes, too!

Just this past summer, Ella has opened up her princess-loving heart to some superheroes. We’ve made Wonder Woman arm cuffs and played pranks on her uncle while wearing Batgirl masks. She’s even starting to embrace Star Wars (Princess Leia and light sabres did it for me!)

While I’m pretty sure we own every single princess costume there is out there, our superhero costume selection is lacking. I think we’ll be picking up at least the Wonder Woman costume, and possibly a couple others to balance out our costume selection. (And I’ll probably grab a couple from the boys’ selection too for the daycare – they are a bit more gender neutral.)


Super Hero Costumes for Boys:

  1. Rubie’s Marvel Amazon Spiderman Costume — $18.25
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michaelangelo Costume — $11.96
  3. Rubie’s DC Comics Flash Costume — $23.59
  4. Disguise Red Baymax Deluxe Costume — $18.61
  5. Wolverine Classic Muscle Costume — $40.28
  6. Disguise Avengers Hulk Costume — $29.48
  7. Disguise Avengers Assemble Thor Costume — $28.93
  8. Rubie’s Avengers 2 Captain America Costume — $16.49
  9. Rubie’s Avengers 2 Hawkeye Costume — $22.35
  10. Rubie’s DC Universe Superman Costume — $22.68


Super Hero Costumes for Girls:
  1. Justice League Flash Tutu Dress — $24.33
  2. Rubie’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tutu Dress — $29.74
  3. Justice League Supergirl Tutu Dress — $24.27
  4. Rubie’s DC Harley Quinn Costume — $27.68
  5. Super DC Heroes Batgirl Costume — $27.01
  6. Catwoman Deluxe Kid’s Costume — $28.10
  7. Rubie’s DC Superheroes Katana Costume — $38.99
  8. Disguise Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon Costume — $35.11
  9. Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Costume — $24.16
  10. Rubie’s Big Hero 6 Bumblebee Costume — $38.99

What are your kids planning on dressing up as for Halloween this year?

Would you like to see more costume round-ups (or other Halloween shopping round-ups) to help with your planning this season?

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