8 Must-Eat Foods When You Are in Greece

I really wanted to take Ella to Greece, Malta and Spain for our first Europe trip, but we ended up doing France and the UK because what 7 year old girl can resist Paris?! So, for now I have to live vicariously through my friends, like Corina from Another Milestone, who I am so happy to have guest posting today on the Best Greek Foods in Zakynthos!

If you're planning a Greece vacation, you need to try these 8 Must-Eat Greek Foods - we guarantee there is at least one on this list you've never heard of!

Best Greek foods to try in Zakynthos

When I visited Zakynthos, I tried to taste every Greek food I could find in restaurants. What charm does it have to visit a place if you do not feel its flavour?

A successful holiday means new thing to see, new foods to try and good sleep. And Greece has all the ingredients for a successful holiday: great beaches to lay on and delicious dishes.

All the Greek foods I tried were amazing! Greeks have many tasty dishes suitable for their clime and landscape.

The portions are usually so generous that seldom you will need dessert. And many restaurants offer watermelon, other fruits or something sweet from the house. The Greek typical dessert, yoghurt with honey and walnuts is also delicious, but to really enjoy it, you should order it separately, not after a heavy meal. 

Regarding the alcohol, they have 2 famous drinks: ouzo and tsipouro, or “the magic water” as a waiter described it. If you are not used with consuming hard alcohol drinks, you will have a surprise when you try them! The Greek wine it is delightful and for the fresh orange juice, some restaurants picked oranges directly from their garden! A real delight! 

8 Must Eat Foods in Zakynthos

1. Pastitio

Pastitio is a Greek lasagna with leaves, mince and macaroni instead of lasagna noodles. It is a main dish and usually it is served with fries and green salad. (pictured below)

2. Kleftiko

In Zakynthos I ate the best lamb in my life! Greeks know how to cook lamb in all possible ways, but always very tasty (they really know the secrets of lamb!). Kleftiko is a lamb dish cooked in the oven with vegetables and many spices. Even people that usually don’t eat lamb will love it!

3. Calamari and other seafood

When you see Greece, you cannot miss the sea so there is not a surprise the fact that you will find a lot of seafood dishes in their menu. They prepare fresh calamari, octopus, oysters and shrimp with different sauces and a lot of garlic. It is a great place for seafood lovers!

4. Fish

Like the seafood also the fish is fresh, directly from sea. I ate here the best fish ever at reasonable prices. And they also cook it with different sauces. If you like sea bream, a fish with white meat and not so many bones, then you should order tipura. It is delicious!

5. Beef stifado

Every time I ate beef in Greece it was so good that it melted in my mouth. Stifado is a beef stew with potatoes, lots of onion and tomato sauce. It is so hearty that you don’t need a side dish for it. (pictured above)

6. Souvlaki

The traditional Greek skewer, souvlaki, is made entirely of meat, chicken, pork or even shrimp without any vegetables. Usually it is served with rice or fried potatoes and the local spices make it so tasteful.

7. The famous Gyros

The Greek burrito called Gyros can be served on a plate sitting in a restaurant or as a street food for only 2 or 3 euros. It has different kinds of filling (chicken, pork, lamb or even veggie), salad, some fries, different sauces, all covered in the soft pita. It is the most convenient dish and when people don’t know what to order they choose gyros. (pictured above)

8. Tzatziki

The cool salad with cucumber, garlic and yogurt was always present on our table. It is a starter, but you can order it also as a dressing for other food. Tzatziki is the taste of Greece! (pictured below)

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Stifado, souvlaki, kleftiko - oh my! Here are the 8 Must-Eat Greek Foods if you are planning a vacation to Greece

And all this culinary feast takes place in a dream landscape! Not only your eyes will be spoiled in Greece, but also your taste buds! Can you ask for more on a holiday?!

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