This is the landing page for Sugar, Spice and Glitter’s #30daystoMontessori Challenge.

The #30 Days to Montessori Challenge works by implementing one idea from the list below every day for 30 days. Every new challenge will take half an hour or less to complete, with the goal of inspiring and encouraging parents and teachers who are interested in the Montessori Method to bring their homes, minds, and hearts closer to Montessori.

#30 Days to Montessori - a 30-minute a day guide to prepare your heart and home for Montessori. #30daystoMontessori

The daily challenges will be ideas, tasks, or activities that are feasible for all homes and budgets, and will guide you towards living a Montessori-inspired life and having a Montessori-inspired home for your children to flourish in.

A big component of #30daystoMontessori is connecting, inspiring, and supporting each other via social media. You can connect with me via PinterestInstagramFacebook, or Twitter!

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(Some days are “catch-up days,” check out the daily schedule below the posts if you’d like to follow the 30 Day Structure.)

Day 1: Connect and Get Ready to Start the Challenge  Day 2: 5-Minute Montessori Self-Serve Set-up  Day 3- Encouraging Good Habits at Snack Time  Day 4: Trust Your Child with Real Tools & Materials  Day 5: Set Up a Practical Life Invitation  Day 6: Establishing Order in Your Child's Environment  Day 7: Relax & Reflect on the First Week of the Challenge  Day 8: Establish Order in Your Environment  Day 9: Slow Down  Day 10: Homeschool Practical Life Shelf for Multiple Ages  Day 11: Take It To The Mat  Day 12- Let's Put Our Toys Away  Day 13: Getting Out the Door  Day 15: Let Them Walk  Day 16: Independence with Diapers  Day 17: Montessori Bath Time  Day 19: Isolate the Senses  Day 19: Exploring the Senses Your Kids Don't Like    Day 22: Get Clear& Set Your Budget  Day 23: Brainstorm Ways to Montessori Affordably  Day 24: 10 Budget-friendly Montessori Outdoor Activities  Day 26: Find Alternatives to Saying "good job"  Day 27: Give a Montessori Lesson  Day 28: Montessori Reading  x  Day 30: Your Final Challenge - Take a Moment for Yourself


  1. Start the Challenge
  2. Create a Self-Serve Montessori Set-up
  3. Enjoy a Montessori Snack Time
  4. Consider Real Materials
  5. Set Up a Practical Life Invitation
  6. Establish Order in Your Child’s Environment & Get Inspired by Living Montessori Now
  7. Relax & Reflect
  8. Establish Order in Your Environment
  9. Slow Down
  10. Figure out a Set-up that Works for Your Family (Homeschool Practical Life Shelf for Mixed Ages)
  11. Take it to the Mat!
  12. Let’s Put Our Toys Away
  13. Get Out the Door — Montessori-style
  14. Relax & Reflect!
  15. Let Them Walk
  16. Consider Ways to Encourage Independent Diapering or Dressing
  17. Have a (Montessori) Bathtime
  18. Isolate the Senses
  19. Explore the Sense Your Kid Doesn’t Like
  20. Relax & Reflect!
  21. Get Into Community!
  22. Get Clear… and Set Your Budget!
  23. Brainstorm ways to Montessori on a Budget
  24. Bring Montessori Outdoors with 10 Budget-friendly ideas
  25. Relax, reflect, and Make Some Decisions.
  26. Try Out Some Alternatives to “Good Job”
  27. Give a Montessori Lesson
  28. Get Reading
  29. Subscribe to my site or another Montessori blog to keep you inspired!
  30. Your Final Challenge