10 Foodie Family-friendly Restaurants in Portland


One of my favorite things to share when we research or visit a new city is our top foodie restaurants for families, so today I’m sharing our top 10 Portland family-friendly restaurants.

Some of the best foodie family friendly restaurants in Portland for planning your Portland family vacation

Restaurants that Won’t Disappoint in Portland

When vacationing in Portland, there is an incredible number of diverse choices for eating.  To help you weed through the crowd and find some instant family favorites without the frustration of experimenting (or pouring over Google reviews), check out my recommendations for the best places to eat with your family in Portland.

I consider any of these places “family friendly” even if they might not describe themselves as such.  I don’t think parents should give up great food just because they are travelling with kids – especially if you’ve raised foodies like my Ella. All of these places welcome well-behaved tots and most even have offerings (or are willing to make adjustments) if you’ve got a picky eater in tow.

10 Foodie Family-friendly Restaurants in Portland


If you’re interested in authentic Japanese food, Biwa will fit the bill.  Open for lunch and dinner, the Bento Boxes at Biwa are so stunning and tasty you might be coming back throughout your trip.  The atmosphere is cozy and laid back, and they don’t accept reservations – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan ahead!

Check out Biwa’s menu to plan your visit.


Abyssinian Kitchen

While Ethipian and Eritrean food might not be your first pick for eating with the family, the amazing colors and flavors of the food at Abyssinian might change your mind.  The offerings have been rated as the best around, and the straightforward menu makes it easy for beginners to manage successfully.  It’s a comfortable but no-frills place that is great for a unique dinner.

Abyssinian Kitchen’s menu is available here.


No matter where we go, Italian food is usually pretty approachable and loved by all.  Luce’s bright and simple décor reflects their take on Italian cuisine – unassuming, fresh, and absolutely divine.  Choose something from the ample wine list to accompany your pasta.  Just don’t forget to share.

Secure your spot at Luce with a reservation here.


Genie’s Café

If you need breakfast or brunch that delivers, without too much fluff, Genie’s is your spot.  Pretty much everything on the menu is delicious and deciding what not to get will probably be your most difficult obstacle.  Pair your selection with a signature cocktail, and you won’t even be upset you were all up so early.

For an authentic diner experience, Genie’s is the spot.


Tasty n’Sons

And for a completely different take on brunch, check out Tasty n’Sons which has both sweet and savoury offerings, but is definitely best for those who like a savoury breakfast. We’re talking breakfast biscuit sandwiches, fried oysters,  pork chile colorado with baked beans, shakshuka (grab my recipe for shakshuka here), etc.

For more info on Tasty n’Sons, click here.


Appiza Scholls

No visit anywhere is really complete without sampling the best local pizza.  In Portland, that stop is Appiza Scholls.  Come in for lunch or dinner and don’t forget plenty of change for the vintage video game arcade.  Needing dinner in or a pizza to go?  Appiza has you covered there too.

A must-stop pizza place – learn more here.


Chennai Masala

When you’re introducing kids to new types of ethnic food, I love a buffet.  Kids can peruse, plate in hand, the various options and they don’t have to be locked in to just one option.  Chennai Masala boasts mouth-watering Indian food – the chefs are ultimately focused on maintaining the authenticity of the dishes they offer so you know you’re getting the real thing.

Consistently related a top restaurant in Portland – find out why here.


This upscale tavern boasts stylish American food – find a unique combination of flavors and ingredients in a huge selection of affordable plates.  The happy hour specials have something for everyone including an array of creative cocktails and binge-worthy desserts (the trifecta, right?).  The team behind this lovely stop have dominated Portland cuisine, and Trifecta is a perfect representation of that experience.

Drool over the Trifecta menu here.

Ken’s Artisan Bakery

Sometimes there is nothing like a special sweet treat to rejuvenate weary legs and tired travelers.  Ken’s Artisan Bakery offers a one-of-the-kind selection of handmade croissants, which might be enough to convince you right there.  However, the selection of cakes, cookies, and deli sandwiches will satisfy any of your traveling partner’s desires.

Pastries, fresh bread, even pizza night – Ken’s Artisan Bakery has it all.


Boke Bowl

The fried chicken ramen is the most popular dish for kids at Boke Bowl, which is always teeming with kids. And since everything is only a few dollars, you can order a few new dishes for the kids to try out and not worry about the expense (about 4 small plates for $20). The steamed buns are also an essential order.

Read more about Boke Bowl here.


Honorable Mention: Donuts

Portland may soon become known as donut city, with it’s crazy diverse donut shops. From Voodoo Donuts to Blue Star Donuts, there are so many crazy donut options available – and even donut and coffee walking tours on offer! I’m not linking to any of the food tours until I get a chance to try and vet them, but if you have done one, please let me know in the comments about your experience!


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OK, now I want to hear from you – what are your favorite Portland restaurants that I left out?

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