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If you’re shopping for a bibliophile, we have you covered with 20+ Gift Ideas for Book Lovers including options from Etsy and Amazon – from straight-forward standards to gifts of the cute and quirky variety!

 Awesome gift ideas for book lovers, from straight-forward standards to cute and quirky book-inspired gifts

Gifts for Book Lovers

Of course, when shopping for a real book lover you can’t go wrong with actual books. You can snoop out their Good Reads “to read list,” or scan their book shelves for any gaps in their collections.

While Amazon has become a huge mover for books, I prefer to hit up Book Depository when book shopping for multiple reasons:

  • free shipping, even if you just order one book
  • WORLDWIDE shipping – so you can send books to friends all over the world without a minimum spend
  • better selection
  • better, more knowledgable customer service 
  • better related title suggestions
  • PLUS, I usually find the prices are the same – and sometimes better than – Amazon

Etsy Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

A Book Store Scented Soy Candle would really set the mood for reading and also transform your living room into a library.

If the perfect night for your book lover involves a cocktail and a book, a set of Literature Rocks Glasses would be perfect (and are available in a variety of book options).

Or, if a cup of coffee or tea is more their jam, this mug is absolutely gorgeous.

A customized book mark means no one can “borrow” yours!

This shirt is perfect for the book-loving fashionista (who prefers a good book to small talk).

I finally found a pair of those “if you can read this” socks that are perfect for me!

You can not go wrong with some literary quote art inspired by a favorite book.

A bookish infinity scarf adds a literary element to any outfit!

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Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers - ideas from Amazon and Etsy for the bibliophile in your life

Gift Ideas for Book Lovers from Amazon

  1. Reading Journal: For Book Lovers— $6.49
  2. I Need More Books Throw Pillow — $9.99
  3. Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf — $14.50
  4. Novel Teas – Tea Bags with Literary Quotes — $14.95
  5. Silver Tone Book Nerd Earrings — $16.92
  6. If You Can Read This Book Lover T-Shirt — $17.99
  7. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader — $99.99
  8. The Book Seat Pillow and Book Holder — $37.99
  9. Just One More Chapter Tote — $18.00
  10. Lighted Reading Glasses — $9.96

11. Library Card Socks — $10.00

12. Once Upon a Time Book Necklace — $9.99

13. Reading Pillow — $54.99

14. Heart Light LED Book Light — $21.40

15. Metal Feather Bookmark — $5.88

16. Knock Knock Personal Library Kit — $10.61

17. Jane Austen Book Coasters — $19.99

18. My Weekend Is All Booked T-Shirt — $16.99

19. Geode Bookends — $24.99

20. First Lines of Literature Coffee Mug — $14.95


Is there an awesome gift for book lovers that I left off of this list? Please let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to pin this post for your future gift giving!


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  1. I never thought about a possible connection between my love for mugs and my love for BOOKS. Interesting thought! There might be something to it! ? Great post!

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