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These Printable Dinosaur Valentine’s Cards are a cute (and free!) Valentine’s Day printable for your dino-loving child.

Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards - these Dinosaur Valentine's Cards are perfect for your dino-loving kids and save you a trip to the store! Attach dino toys or candies, if desired

Dinosaur Valentine Cards

After spending five seconds on my site, most people notice the floating pink glittery dinosaur that I have hovering over all of my images.

It’s a pin-button (allowing you to save my content to your Pinterest boards) but it’s also my subtle nod to my daughter and my love of dinosaurs. Ella discovering dinosaurs was the moment that shifted our family towards prioritizing travel and education above all other expenses – and it’s been a wild ride ever since.

My dinosaur love goes a bit weirder after that.. buying dinosaur shirts from Osh Kosh B’Gosh (for me), a giant tub of dinosaur sprinkles in my baking cabinet at all times, and affectionately calling my daughter by various dino-names whenever the mood strikes.

How to Use These Dinosaur Valentines:

This is a quick print-and-go document. 


  1. download the dinosaur printables (by clicking here)
  2. print on cardstock
  3. cut out each Valentine
  4. and have your child personalize with their friends’ or classmates’ names, and their own signature.

You can also purchase some cheap dinosaur figurines and tape or hot glue them to the cards, or attach a piece of Valentine’s day candy – there’s even dinosaur candy you can buy on Amazon!

That’s it!

If you’re not ready to print these Dinosaur Valentine’s out right now, you can Pin it for later!

Free Printable Dinosaur Valentine's Day Cards for kids - simply download, print and address to your child's friends

I hope your dinosaur-loving child loves handing out these fun Valentine’s Day cards!

For more fun Valentine’s Day ideas, check out our I Love You This Much Card or our Fizzy Baking Soda Hearts Valentine’s Day Science.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this and making them free❤️ I have a dino loving 6 year old, and I am a fan too! 😂 these are the nicest ones I have seen. Thanks!

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