Teach Children to Floss Teeth with Play Dough!

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I almost didn’t share this activity – it’s really too simple! But after sharing our scrubbing dinosaurs to learn how to brush our teeth activity, I know that a lot of families struggle with tooth flossing, so I thought I’d share a fun way to teach kids how to floss teeth!

Learn how to floss teeth with play dough and Duplo/Megablocks! This is a great fine motor activity for kids and a great one for learning about dental hygiene. A tooth activity perfect for dental health month!

Ella is pretty good about flossing her teeth – we use these cute little flossers for now, since they are small and easy for children to use semi-independently. However, we’re working on using just plain floss and have been discussing why flossing is so important!

This quick activity took only a minute to set up and Ella played with it for a good half hour while I made supper. It invited some great conversation about taking care of ourselves and why that’s important.

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How to Teach Kids to Floss Teeth – with Play Dough!


You can use any colour of play dough – a bright colour might even make this more fun – but I went with white as it was more relatable to the plaque that Ella sometimes observes on her flosser.

Simply show your child how to use the floss to remove the play dough, or if they are a bit older and like to creatively problem solve – leave them to it with no explanation!

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Be available for discussion, but avoid the urge to interfere or comment too much. You know your child best – if you think a supportive comment will be encouraging, go for it! If there’s a chance your interjection might be distracting, best to leave them alone.

Having the children scoop the play dough out from in between the Duplo pegs is a great fine motor experience and it shows how important thorough flossing can be – especially if your child observes small pieces of play dough being left behind!

If you’re really brave, it would be awesome to do this activity with sticky tack – to show how flossing can be tricky and what happens if plaque is left on teeth overnight. I can’t really think of any materials that would be easy to remove the day of, and harder to remove the next day – can you?

learn how to floss teeth

Would you try this simple activity to teach your children how to floss their teeth? Do your kids like flossing their teeth?

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  1. This is genius and so much fun for learning! Little Bee is going to get his teeth cleaned soon, so this would be an awesome activity to do with him.

  2. Such a cute idea and great lesson for little ones. We miss a good portion of our teeth exteriors by brushing alone. Learning to floss the right way and getting it into the routine while they are young is a great way to ensure proper oral hygiene the rest of their lives.

  3. This is such a cute idea! I am totally going to do this at home with my kids. We are getting them prepared to visit the children’s dentist here in Providence next month. Thanks for sharing this!!!

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