You have reached the Montessori Blogs Search Engine. This customized search engine provides results from over 200 current (English-speaking) Montessori blogs, to help you find the Montessori content that you are looking for!

All of the the blogs included in this search engine are listed in both my 2014 Montessori Blogs list and 2015 Montessori Blogs list.

Montessori Search Engine hosted by Sugar, Spice and Glitter includes results from over 200 current, English-speaking Montessori blogs



If you write or know of a Montessori blog that is not included in the above lists and should be included in the search engine, please let me know.

This search engine works just like any other search engine — just type what you’re looking for and enjoy the Montessori inspiration to come!


If you are a Montessori blogger, I would love it if you would include the button to the search engine on your blog so that your readers can also benefit from the custom Montessori search experience!

Montessori Search Engine






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