Minecraft Gift Ideas


If your kids are obsessed with Minecraft, we have you covered with over 20 Gift Ideas for Minecraft Fans that you can buy on Amazon.

Minecraft Gift Ideas

Honestly… I don’t get it. I thought Minecraft was maybe a vintage game that had experienced a giant resurgence, but nope, Minecraft is new and here to stay.

I did some digging about Minecraft when a reader asked if I could prepare a Minecraft gift guide and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is an open-ended game with vast possibilities for creativity. I am concerned about the risks of Minecraft, mostly the addictive quality and the possibility of inappropriateness/bullying from other players – which can be mitigated by playing single player offline, or multi-player only within your local wifi network (so only with people in the same house).

I tried to stick mostly to gifts that allow your child to indulge their Minecraft obsession off of the computer. This way, you can limit screen time while still acknowledging and celebrating their interests. 

Minecraft Gifts from Amazon

(Prices are accurate as of posting – they may have increased or decreased since then. Please let me know if any items come up as no longer available and I can make an alternative suggestion.)

  1. Xbox Creeper Controller — $50
  2. Minecraft Gameband — $24.49
  3. Transforming Sword and Pickaxe — $24.99
  4. Diary of a Minecraft Zombie — $4.92
  5. Jinx Creeper Zip Up Hoodie — $34.88
  6. Remote Control Flying Ghast — $31.50
  7. Jinx Minecraft Creeper Beanie — $14
  8. Periodic Table of Elements — $20.72
  9. Think Geek Light Up Diamond Ore — $18.40
  10. Minecraft Coloring Book — lots of different options
  11. Mystery Minifigure Box — $3.44
  12. Minecraft Character T-Shirt — $18.95
  13. Jinx Diamond Kids’ Backpack — $19.98
  14. Enchanted Bow & Arrow — $27.67
  15. Pig Character iPhone Case — $20.41
  16. Jinx TNT Plastic Mug — $9.99
  17. LEGO Minecraft Iron Golem — $14.59
  18. Hot Wheels Mineshaft Playset — $11.96
  19. Planet Sox Creeper and TNT Socks — lots of different options
  20. Minecraft Explorer Pack Game for Xbox — $29.99

I hope this gift guide is helpful for you in picking out gifts for your Minecraft fan – and be sure to check out a couple of our popular gift guides for kids, our Harry Potter Gift Guide or our Dancer Gift Guide.

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