“Play is the work of the child,” is a famous quote by Maria Montessori and I have taken it to heart.

One of the best parts of being a parent and caregiver is getting to spend my days playing! And of course, there is no better way to learn than to play.

Over 300 Fun Kids' Activities to empower you to be a fun mom! From sensory play ideas, easy crafts for kids, kid-made recipes, family movie nights and more, we've got you covered. Even if you just have 15 minutes of quality time to spare

Fun Activities for Kids

As parents, we all have a million different responsibilities and demands for our attention in a day – and play can often take a back seat to the more pressing demands of work, keeping house, feeding our families, etc. 

That’s why I’m dedicated to sharing a variety of fun activities that parents can do with their kids – whether you can squeeze 15 minutes of fun into your day or a full hour, there are so many ideas here that you can rely on to have fun with your kids. I’ve done all of the planning for you, listed all of the materials, and given you tips for how to avoid any frustration. (Including tips on how to get slime out of clothing… or hair.)

I love being the “fun mom” whose home kids look forward to visiting because they know we’re going to get up to something fun – whether that’s making slime, crafting, baking together, or playing games.

Part of being the fun mom is also knowing and respecting my own limits – and placing firm boundaries on certain activities. For example, if we’re playing with slime I grab a kitchen tray or cookie tray and the slime has to stay on the tray. The kids can stretch, squish and poke at their slime to their heart’s content within that safe limit. However, if just the thought of playing with slime is causing you stress, there are plenty of other mess-free activities that you can find here that will suit your needs better. 

These activities are all tried and tested by our family, and often also our daycare kids, too. 

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