While the majority of the content written on Sugar, Spice and Glitter is written by me (Jennifer Tammy), I have also recruited some amazing contributors to offer my readers information and insights that I am no expert in! Below you will find more information about my contributors and where to find them online.


Beth Holley


I’m a retired Montessori guide, who still loves all things Montessori. My background includes over twenty years as a Montessori teacher, administrator, and school founder. I hold Montessori teacher certifications at both the primary and elementary levels, as well as a Montessori M.A.Ed. Currently I’m re-reading all of Dr. Montessori’s works. After more than two decades, I continue to be inspired by the clarity, order, and beauty of the Montessori materials, and by Dr. Montessori’s profound insights into the developing child. I blog at A Montessori Lexicon, and you can find me on Teachers Pay Teachers.


Shelby Stover

Meet Shelby. Strength Coach, Nutrition Coach, Super Mama & Chronic Foodie. Shelby loves helping others achieve goals, sharing deceivingly healthy recipes and generally ensuring that what you eat tastes good.

Shelby has been immersed in the fitness industry for the better part of a decade now and though she loves it, she doesn’t always agree with the advice given surrounding food. She believes that the focus of food shouldn’t first be the amount of calories but the nutrients in it instead. Her personal goal is to make food fun, healthy and tasty all at once.

And being the proud mama to a pretty adorable little girl only pushed Shelby’s beliefs further. She wants her little one to grow up enjoying food while at the same time getting the fuel she needs to be an active kid. In other words, you should be able to have your cake & eat it to 😉 Check her out at Fit as a Mama Bear.