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Adding in a new routine like regular work-outs can involve a lot of trouble-shooting. We all have to figure out the little tricks and habits that will lead to success, and one of my biggest has been wearing my gym clothes and not having to add in extra time for changing or packing a pack with a change of clothes – or risking leaving out a single item and having to scrap the whole work-out! Transitioning by just swapping out a sweater or shoes makes life a whole lot easier!

No time to change for the gym? Here's how you can transition one look from everyday to the gym. Workout fashion

One thing that I’ve completely neglected since becoming a mom is working out. I went from training for a triathalon to barely being able to walk across the room without being sick while pregnant, and ever since it’s been a bit tricky getting back into the routine as a mom.

It’s not that I don’t miss it, or that I don’t think it’s important, but it’s just finding that “new normal.” After over a year of working at home, I think I’ve found a quasi-solution by wearing comfortable clothing that can look presentable during daycare hours but can easily transition to a work-out outfit when I’m ready to sweat! This concept also works if you have to run errands or do the school drop, and hope to stop by the gym at some point – you can look casual and presentable and quickly transition to work-out ready.

I wanted to share one example outfit with you today, but really, you can apply this principle to a ton of different looks depending on your personal style.

Basic Pieces:

  1. Fila Sport Running Hoodie — $29.99
  2. Asics Gel Running Shoes — $64.99
  3. Fila Sprinter Duffel Bag — $19.99
  4. Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle — $12.99

What are your tips for making a work-out a regular part of your routine? 

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