8 Kid-Friendly Classic Christmas Recipes (WKEW 31)

Thanks for stopping by our weekly What Kids Eat party, usually held every Wednesday but life got the better of me this week!

This week I wanted to feature some delicious & kid-friendly Christmas Classics from our awesome party guests!

8 Kid-friendly Christmas Classic Recipes - every week we host a party and feature the best of what the previous week's guests "brought to the party." This week, I'm featuring 8 Christmas Classics that you and the kids will love - everything from Snowflake tortillas to a healthy twist on Christmas Pudding!

  1. If you or your guests are vegetarian, HEN Family shares her Vegetarian Christmas Menu to help inspire you.
  2. A good stuffing is probably my favourite part of Christmas supper, and All She Cooks is sharing some easy turkey stuffing recipes to get you started.
  3. A festive way to start Christmas morning (or even just a fun afternoon snack), this healthy green juice from Meals Our Kids Love could be a really fun option!
  4. It is my goal this year to make a proper “English Christmas Pudding” and so I’m so glad Grace from Eats Amazing shared her version that she actually had the kids help make! For a different and healthy twist, check out these Date and Nut Mini Christmas Puddings from Feeding Finn.
  5. And a second shout-out to Grace for these super-cute Snowflake Tortillas – simple but so much fun!
  6. I love a classic Tarte Tatin and I love seeing how Cook and Kid perfected this recipe in the kitchen together! He actually made the process of making homemade puff pastry sound feasible, so I might just give his recipe a go. (Although, if I’ve said it before, if pre-packaged puff pastry is good enough for Jamie, it’s good enough for me!)
  7. And to wrap things up, how about some easy peasy Christmas Star Biscuits (RE: cookies) from Easy Peasy Foodie. I love how Eb added just a hint of spice to these traditional melt-in-your-mouth cookies and she’s also sharing lots of other fun Chrsitmas baking – check her out!


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