Fun Food With Faces (WKEW 32)


The New Year always brings a smile to my face. We have the opportunity to start fresh and make fun memories with our kids along the way!

This week I’m featuring some great food with faces! Such a fun way to bring a little smile to your family’s day.

Yummy food ideas sure to make your kids smile. Fun Food with Faces from Study At Home Mama bring wonderful inspiration for your lunch box and your kids lunch.

  1. Your little monkey will love the Fun Monkey Sandwich with Hovis Good Inside from Eats Amazing.
  2. Monster Brioche Bento lunch box idea from Bebento – Kids will sure to get a little giggle from your kids. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this fun way to make a monster face!
  3. Ella and I had a lot of fun making our Bear Lunch Box Idea. Her friends at school were a little jealous they didn’t have this funny face at lunch with them.
  4. Christmas is over, but little Strawberry Mice with Eats Amazing are sure to please. Add little slices of cheese for a snack with faces!
  5. Star Wars is everywhere! Here’s a fun food with faces snack from JDaniel4’s Mom perfect for any Star Wars Lunch.

What Kids Eat Wednesday on Study At Home Mama

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