The Perfect Gift to Spice Up Your Holiday Meals

The Perfect Gift to Spice Up Your Holiday Meals - enter our give-away today to win your very own Finamill, an electric spice grinder with interchangeable spice pods. Makes a great foodie gift or a stylish and practical addition to your own kitchen

You put a lot of love into cooking your holiday meals, so why settle for pre-ground spices from the supermarket that don’t live up to their full flavor potential? Gift yourself or someone you know a FinaMill, the award-winning, battery-operated, spice mill that has reinvented spice grinding. 

FinaMill uses interchangeable and refillable pods for each spice. No more cranking and wrist twisting.  Instead, with the push of a button, you have freshly ground spices and dried herbs right at your fingertips. With dedicated spice pods, there’s no cross contamination of flavors.  

FinaMill is a great holiday gift for spice lovers, innovation seekers or anyone looking for kitchen convenience. Watch here to see how easy it is to operate. The LED light helps you to actually see the spice grinding in action. Choose from an array of different grinder settings, fine to course, for the perfect spice consistency.

With its sleek, alluring design, FinaMill not only adds to the decor while it lives on your counter within easy reach, but it also makes a statement about you. It says you’ve got spices and you love to use them.

Follow FinaMill on Facebook and then enter below to win a FinaMill in the color of your choice with two FinaExpress pods, great for everyday spices like peppercorns, coarse salt, dried garlic, and toasted onion and one FinaPro pod, great for high oil content spices like sesame seed and mustard seed, a triangular tray to conveniently stack your FinaPods and a package of four delicious Maluku spices to get you started.  Winner will be chosen on November 8th so enter today!

(To enter, leave a comment with your favorite holiday dishes that could benefit from some spicing up with your own FinaMill.)


This sponsored post is brought to you by FinaMill and is coordinated by Ellen LaNicca Fearless Public Relations


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  1. I have too many favorite holiday dishes. From pumpkin pie, to garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, to a turkey with stuffing and gravy.

  2. There is nothing like freshly ground spices to bring out the flavor of the your dishes. I use and grow many herbs and spices and would love having a Finamill this holiday season. I would use salt in one pod so Myself and my family could use it in the majority of my dishes and probably cinnamon or nutmeg in the other. No telling, if I win I may order multiple pods prior to Thanksgiving

  3. Most of my holiday dishes would benefit from this, such as green bean casserole, dressing, baked apples, mashed potatoes, and sweet potato casserole.

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