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Transform your home into a stylish Mad Men-inspired abode with these 20 Amazing and Budget-friendly Mid-Century Home Decor Pieces from Amazon.

Modern mid-century home decor inspiration for the living room, this collection of vintage-style ideas is fresh and contemporary - and everything is budget-friendly.

Mid-Century Modern Home Decor Ideas

My home has some natural mid-century touches (though I think it was built much earlier than that) that I am embracing with a feminine take on mid-century modern.

There’s a faint spudnik (starburst) relief pattern on the ceiling tiles in my dining room that set me on this exploration of Mad Men-esque flourishes and furnishings, and I think I’ve found some gems that are very modern without looking dated or too retro.

So, today I am sharing with you a vision board of 20 of the most budget-friendly offerings I have found (all on Amazon). The most expensive piece here is about $150 – even the chandelier is under $90. Many of these pieces would also work well if you’re decorating a small space.

And if you find any great mid-century pieces that would make a great addition to this collection, please drop it in the comments below!

  1. Set of 2 Modern Eames Inspired Chairs
  2. Rivet Hexagon Wooden Mirror
  3. Tripod Floor Lamp
  4. Walnut Satellite Clock
  5. Wooden Droplet Wall Hooks
  6. Heliot Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl
  7. Umbra Fish Hotel Mini Aquarium
  8. Retro Abstract Drink Coasters
  9. Upholstered Reception Chair
  10. Yellow Accent End Table
  11. Faux Succulent White Ceramic Pot
  12. Standing Shelf Floor Lamp
  13. Spunick Pendant Light
  14. Modway Tread TV Stand
  15. Rivet Iron Mirror with Wood Shelf
  16. Mango Steam Saratoga Coffee Table
  17. Set of 2 Canary Yellow Accent Lamps
  18. Rugsmith Geometric Area Rug
  19. Rivet Ava Gray Ottoman
  20. 3D Sticker Frameless Wall Clock

This collection of Man Men-inspired Modern home decor has got me so excited to wrap up our current renovations and get to decorating!

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  6. The Mid-Century Modern light fixture is a “Sputnik” style, named after Sputnik 1, the first artificial Earth satellite. It was launched by the Soviet Union (now Russia) on October 4, 1957.

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