5 Tips for an Amazing NYC Vacation

The Big Apple is one of the world’s major cities and it’s the most populous one in the United States. It’s home to many tourist attractions including Central Park, Times Square, Wall Street and Broadway. With so much to see and do in ‘the city that never sleeps’ it can be hard to know where to start.

Planning ahead will make your trip more enjoyable and make the travel process more streamlined. If you need some extra help on this, read on because this article will provide it.

Book Your Tours And Excursions In Advance

Do plenty of online research and find out what events are happening when you arrive, and what attractions are near where you’re staying. It’s important to do this well before time because the tickets could be sold out before you arrive, or you could be wasting valuable vacation time in queues. You’ll be able to check out what places are best for children or seniors, etc, and have peace of mind knowing you already have the tickets.

If you study the geography of your activities you’ll be able to do them in a logical sequence and work out how you’ll be traveling. By using https://www.hellotickets.com it’s clear that many people are looking for tours and activities at exclusive prices, and are viewing photos and reviews. Such booking sites often provide helpful city guides, information on other destinations, and tickets for games and shows.


Dress Wisely

If you are planning to visit New York, the weather is an important topic that you need to consider. Even if it’s winter (which can fall below 28 degrees Fahrenheit), there will still be some days that are warmer. For this reason, make sure your clothes are prepared for both cold and hot weather conditions. Places like Central Park or the Empire State Building have open spaces without any shade, so be sure to bring along sunglasses and sunscreen during summertime.

You’ll need a waterproof bag and some comfortable walking shoes for your trips. Be careful when carrying money around with you and keep all your belongings as hidden from view as possible.

Check The Traffic Updates And Parking Facilities

If you are planning to take the car, it is important to check the traffic updates before you set out. You can use Google Maps or Waze for checking your route. You can then find alternatives if there will be any delays on the road that day. Before setting off, ask someone what time people normally leave for your chosen destination. It’s important not to rush when you’re in New York City, as it may mean missing out on some of the best sightseeing opportunities.

Check the car parking available in the area, too. Make sure the car parks have space available before driving all the way into the city center looking for somewhere. Plan your route before leaving home and time everything so that you arrive at the attractions half an hour prior to opening times (or a little earlier if possible). Some museums open much later than others, but by arriving early you can beat the queues.


Choose Your Hotel Strategically

You want to be in a hotel that is centrally located and close to all the attractions. If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of hotels in the Times Square area that offer great rates. Don’t leave booking too late or you could end up paying for a hotel room that is far from everything.

If you are not renting a car, be sure to choose a hotel near public transportation so it’s easy for you to get around. If it’s also close to the restaurants, better still as you’ll need to factor food into your daily travel/activity plans. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites and blogs that offer great tips for eating affordably in New York City.


Research The Local Transport Options

Find out what kind of public transport is available in the city and how often the buses or trains run. If you check out the prices and familiarize yourself with the local transport options it will help make your journey and connections smoother.

There are other things you should think about, such as having a quality map that details the attractions. You can find them at airports, train stations, or tourist information centers. Also, bring a GPS-enabled phone and plenty of snacks for your journeys. If you do all these things your vacation should go like clockwork with no time wasted, and you’ll have lots of precious moments to treasure.

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