31 Days of Kids Kitchen Activities

We’re taking a break from our regular schedule of kids’ activities, easy healthy recipes, and parenting inspiration to bring you 31 Days of Kids’ Kitchen Activities!

31 Days of (1)

If you’ve been reading Sugar, Spice and Glitter for more than a few weeks, you’ll know that we are a foodie family and Ella is a dedicated little chef.

Giving kids kitchen experience can be done on a budget and with minimal preparation, and can include anything from building isolated kitchen skills through practical life invitations, conducting science experiments with everyday kitchen materials, or enjoying the wonderful sensory opportunities the kitchen provides.

My goal with this series is to provide easy kitchen activities, simple sensory set-ups, and kid-made recipes (with free kid-friendly printables) that will make encourage and inspire you to get in the kitchen with your kids! I’ll try to share a balance of easy healthy recipes and more indulgent treats.

One of our family food values is that don’t buy sugary treats or desserts, if we want something indulgent – we have to make it, so while it might seem like we make a ton of desserts, it’s still falling into that 10% gray area for us.

While I may not label all of my recipes as “kids kitchen recipes,” kids can get involved in helping with almost any recipe or kitchen activity. Stay within your comfort zone, ensure that your child is using safe equipment and in the right state of mind to be safe with their bodies, and you’ll have a great time! I link often to Montessori Services as they are my go-to source for kids kitchen materials — I have had success with every product I’ve purchased from them and they pay attention to whether a kitchen tool is a good fit for a child’s hands and fine motor abilities. You may also have great success visiting your local kitchen supply shop and seeing what they offer.

31 days of kids kitchen activities

As a preparation step, it may be good to consider setting up a kids kitchen area — whether for self-serving snacks, or for them to store all of their special tools, establishing a dedicated space in your kitchen for the kids is a wonderful way to let them feel confident and included.

I’ll also be teaming up with other bloggers throughout the month to bring you two fun kids’ kitchen posts every day! You can find both by coming to Sugar, Spice and Glitter and reading that day’s post, which will have a link to the other blogger’s kids kitchen activity, or check out our 31 Days of Kids Kitchen Activities page to find links to all posts in the series.

If you post your kids’ kitchen activities to social media, please feel free to use the hashtag #kidskitchen to connect!


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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’ve enjoyed some of your articles on kids in the kitchen. My son is 2.5 and wants to help but more often than not makes a huge mess. Good inspiration, thanks!

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