Montessori Culture 3-6 Checklists

One of the most confusing parts of Montessori homeschooling is knowing which lessons are necessary and the order of the activities. Today, I’m sharing Free Printable Montessori Culture Checklists for the Primary (3-6) student.

Printable Montessori Checklists for Botany, Geography, History, Science and Zoology. Plan your homeschool with these easy check lists.

The Montessori Cultural Curriculum is broad, covering geography, botany, zoology, history, and science! It’s kind of like saying “the Arts” and having that cover everything from sculpture to poetry to dance.

What I’ve tried to do is specify which activities or concepts are “must do’s” and which ones can be replaced with a modified activity. For example, you “need” to explore the difference between a liquid and a solid – but my preferred way to do this is by making oobleck – a non-Newtonian substance that acts as both a liquid and a solid. You may prefer to do an activity involving water and ice. Both activities cover the necessary concept nicely.

Montessori Geography Checklist for Primary Montessori Homeschool

Montessori Primary Geography Checklist

You really don’t need the entire set of Montessori Geography curriculum to reap the benefits of the Geography curriculum.

Check out my Geography materials review and pick the materials that work best for you. I think a regular globe, some homemade continent boxes, and a good quality book that teaches children about other cultures (like this one) is all you really need to get started – everything else is bonus.

Download our Primary Geography checklist by clicking here.

Montessori Botany Checklist for Primary Montessori Homeschool

Montessori Primary Botany Checklist

We love Botany for Kids, and we’ve done most of the activities on this list. No matter your set-up or personal needs, children can and should get involved caring for a real plant. Whether it’s a soilless set-up, a single house plant, or a children’s garden.

Download our Primary Botany checklist by clicking here.

Montessori Zoology Checklist for Primary Montessori Homeschool

Primary Zoology Checklist

Zoology is probably the most popular curriculum – what child isn’t fascinated by animals?

Zoology covers not just learning about the animals, but their habitats and how animals relate to humans.

Download our Primary Zoology checklist by clicking here.

Printable Montessori Checklists for Botany, Geography, History, Science and Zoology. Plan your homeschool with these easy check lists.

I hope you enjoy these Montessori Primary Culture Checklists – and be on the look out for more curriculum check lists coming soon!

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  1. Oh my goodness! These are fabulous! I will definitely be printing out my own copies for future reference. Thank you so much for taking the time to put these together.

  2. I have this download this list, a wonderful guide for scatterbrain like me! I used to be organized though.. but with two kids… I don’t know myself anymore LOL

  3. Thank you so much I have been feeling so overwhelmed with where to start and how to get everything covered. I really appreciate these!

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